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TouchVu Film

TouchVu Interative touch foil communication touch screen technology film type

TouchVu system image

TouchVu Film

ITEM-16 introduce you a special application for interactive communication display TouchVu.
TouchVu is the advanced touch sensor technology display. When you point your finger or hold your hand up to the display contents, you can control it.
You can get your required information from the display without any pointing device of usual PC system.
It is really user-friendly interface to users from the children to the elderly people.


TouchVu can be used with:

  • Rear projection screen maximum size as 100" @16 : 9.
  • LCD monitor
  • Projection TV monitor

Any display as you want can be used with the TouchVu.


TouchVu can be used as these places:

  • At the show window attractive information catch the customer, and let them come in to the shop.
  • At public space, information display can be operated interactively but uninhabited.
  • At show room customers can obtain their required information without allowing the clerk in charge to suffer.


TouchVu working to:

  • Make eye-catch effect that is highly attention paid.
  • Future-like advanced image attract the people and guide them to enter your shop.
  • Information can be offered through the Internet to the people in the street even after business hours or holiday.

Features on TouchVu.

Interactive display contents can offer to customers the information what they want effectively.

  • Customer can approach to their required information directly by themselves.
  • Display contents can be any display contents /data on PC. Ex. HTML, Flash, Director or etc...
  • PowerPoint Slide show can be used for simple making contents.

Sensor film

  • It is Different from Ordinal IR sensor, not affected by IR in environmental light. Stable to work in any environment even daylight exposed.
  • Not being touched the sensor itself directly, so no damage by the user's manipulation.
  • Can be corresponded to the thickness up to 15mm.

Easy installation

installing onto show window

  • Installation can be onto the transparent panel by glass or acrylic material.
  • Sensor film is with glue/adhesive layer, so can be set to the show window directly.


  • Can control the display contents from the outside of the shop through the show-window.
  • Do not be touched the sensor itself directly.
  • Install the screen film and touch sensor onto the show window glass.
  • They are installed to the surface where the side of shop inside.

Technical Specification

FormatInteractive Touch Screen Technology for Through Window applications, i.e. fitted to an existing window.
Detection MethodProjected Capacitance technology using horizontal and vertical wires
Screen Size40”-80” (4:3 format), 40”-100” (16:9 format) as standard.
SensitivitySingle construction glass 15mm thick.
OutputRS232C communications to a 9 pin D female or USB
Speed of responseDepends upon glass thickness.Typically 50 to 10ms
SoftwareCompatibility Drivers are available for Windows Operating Systems
Temperature_rangeBetter than -10 to +70 degree Celsius
Humidity Controller0% to 95%. Unaffected by condensation
EMCEN55022:1998 + A1 + A2 EN55024:1998 + A1 + A2.
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
(1) this device may not cause harmful interference, and
(2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.