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GlassVu AW500

New GlassVu White version! This can show you real color!!

Corresponde to the market demand for brighter, higher quality, and larger size with single piece.
Rear projection screen that can reproduce real "Snow White" = GlassVu AW500.

Color reproduction

color coordinates What is the most important for the projection screen?

It is "faithful reproduction of the image" to the input source(video/data).

For achieving this there should be thought about color reappearance, especially snow white/real white color.

Quality of the screen image would be affected by the color whose basic is the white and its purity.

Figure in left shows about color coordinates. Projection screen can not be reproduce the white color in the middle, nor incling to any color as yellowish, greenish, blueish, or reddish can not make real color on the projection display image at all.

New GlassVu AW500 can make snow white, clear blue sky, or natural fresh color on it.

AW500 is balanced quality screen film with wide viewing angle, high brightness, and real/natural color reappearance totally.

High Brightness

There is needed certain brightness for advertising/commercial use projection image to make impact to the viewers.

AW500 can make crispy image with the brightness and contrast.

Vivid color reappearance

Vivid Color
For commercial eye-catching application, there should be vivid color on the image. It should not be dimmed color to attract the audience. AW500 offers clear and faithful color reappearance to attract the people on its projection display image.

Corresponding Large screen size

Screen format
In case of 4:3 aspect ratio format, there can be made 100 inches size with single piece. In case of 16:9 wide format, there can be made 120 inches size with single piece.

Newly developped materials

GlassVu AW500 is consisted by the layers as in the pict with new materials.

  • High Transparency PET base film
  • High Transparency adhesive material
  • Multiple layered coating for wider viewing angle


Any transparent panels as Glass, Acrylic, and even polycarbonate materials can be used.
Because of its thin film style, there can be use for curved surface (1 direction curved only, not 2 direction curved as ball or sphere.).
For the environment with direct sunlight, there is also available GlassVu black type GlassVu GV620 super contrast projection screen.