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GlassVu GV620

Previously we changed our GlassVu GV620 from the 1st generation "Black-shelves" to the 2nd generation "Carbon film". It was drastically changed its material and configuration to simple one for making competitive price in the market. But the actual quality was not so remarkably improved.

GlassVu Screen

Now we got the new GlassVu that is similar film to previous carbon film, however it quality of the projected image is so much better than that.

Changing from the 1st to the 2nd was physically, and achieved cost revising.
This time changing from 2nd to 3rd is product qualitywise, supreme image quality achieved.

Here we have new GlassVu for wider viewing angle and real color reproduction.
Please check it "GlassVu AW500" accurate white film screen.

Improvement & Achievement

This time changing is remarkable on the projected image.
You can see clearly the different between older and the new.

High Contrast & Brightness

High Contrast
Brightness is so much improved and the black level is still kept low/dark well. So this can be proof of the achievement that improved Brightness and Contrast.

Vivid Color

Vivid Color
This ensures also vivid color reappearance.

Evolution by the generation

High brightness
X-Axis is about projection light grey scale Black through White.
Y-Axis is about brightness level in each points of the grey scale.
This graph shows the new GlassVu black level is almost same to current version but, the bright part is the 30% or more brighter than the current.

Optical structure

Optical structure

  • To produce the best picture quality, there has been applied new technology.
  • It is the multiple layers of the optical coating.
  • This spacial coating allows stable and reliable optical effect to the screens for making best image quality.
  • There are many special coating layers for both side of the base film.
  • They are improving the image quality than the previous version of the GlassVu carbon film.