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TransVu Film Screen window display application

Standard of the TransVu product that succeed the product concept of a beginning term. Achieve the transparency and image quality simultaneously.
This can be used by the conventional installation method learned well.

Size Line up

screen size and format Single piece without seaming.
20" - 80" (4:3) or any special size.
20" - 100" (16:9) or any special size.


construction TransVu film screen is consisted by some layers.
This PET material does not have any direction for use.
Thus the screen can be freely top/bottom,and can be put outside/inside of window.

TransVu is the screen, for rear projection use semi-transparent film.
TransVu can be easily put onto the glass or acrylic surface by water as show-windows or individual panel by its self adhesive surface,water spraying, and rubber spatula.
It is just like car window film installation.


  • Decide the TransVu film position on the glass window/panel or acrylic/plate.
  • Fix the TransVu film temporary by taping.
  • Spray the water (Water + a very few neutral cleanser) to surface where to put the TransVu film.
  • Removing separator film (that is protecting adhesive layer) from TransVu film and spray the water (Water + a very few neutral cleanser) to this adhesive layer surface simultaneously too.
  • Spray same water onto TransVu film for smoother kicking out the water between the film and glass/acrylic surface by rubber spatula.
  • Kicking out the water between the TransVu film amd glass/acrylic surface by rubber spatula. (move the rubber spatula from the center to the edge of the film)
  • After taking off the water, dry the screen.
  • When it is being dry, TransVu film fixing completed.
  • After completing TransVu fixing, clean the screen surface up.
TransVu installation-1 TransVu installation-2 TransVu installation-3